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You will receive an email shortly with the details of your order.

Please, verify that everything you indicate is correct, and read the service clauses below.


This is an agreement between CNCCUTSERVICES and The client (In this case it is you, who requests the services of CNCCUTSERVICES), to process a CUTLING LIST.

For the purposes of this agreement, it is understood as CUTTING LIST, all the means, dimensions, materials, and other details, indicated in the automated form of the website, and that both the CLIENT and CNCCUTSERVICES, receive a copy in your emails.

This agreement will be governed by the following Clauses:

1) CNCCUTSERVICES, undertakes to process the CUTTING LIST, EXACTLY as it was sent by the CLIENT.

2) CNCCUTSERVICES will send a copy of the CUTTING LIST to the CLIENT’s email. THE CLIENT must respond to the email sent by CNCCUTSERVICES, confirming the measures, and that everything indicated is correct.

3) The CUTLING LIST is the responsibility of the CLIENT. Therefore, the CUSTOMER has to verify and confirm that the CUT LIST sent to his email is correct, exact and complete.

5) CNCCUTSERVICE, is not responsible for an error or omission of the CUSTOMER in the CUTLING LIST.

6) CNCCUTSERVICE, is not responsible for material selected by the CLIENT to process the CUTLING LIST.

7) The work of the CUTTING LIST, will take between 5 to 7 days.

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